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Professor PosterWednesday, March 22nd, 2017 at 9:23pm

This gorgeous "Poster From The Past" was designed and printed by the "Big Five" poster ar@tists of the psychedelic-era, Rick Griffin, Wes Wilson, Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley & Victor Moscoso. It was used to promote a Dance Concert/Art Exhibit as a Benefit For The Artists Rights Today Legal Fund.
This event took place 28 years ago back on March 22, 1989 at the Gift Center Pavilion in San Francisco, and featured (in addition to the art) Jerry Garcia, Country Joe, The Dinosaurs, Barry Melton, John Cipollina, Peter Albin, Merl Saunders, Spencer Dryden, Pete Sears with Nick Gavenites, & Animal...

Gail Gem Morty Mortinson awesomeness is - all my favourites in one bundle. this is the highlight of my thursday.
Chris Robey Sears and Gravenities would have been cool. Nice one Professor. Can you show us an exclusive Moscoso one day soon?
Peter Booth Lee Wonderful!
Jeanette Trumeau another one that would make a killer tat!!
Lucinda Small Awesome
Karen Lethbridge-Cadinha this one is so beautiful!!
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Professor PosterWednesday, March 22nd, 2017 at 2:43pm

Phew..... What a trip! This "Poster From The Past" is a real "Zinger".
The image here is two concentric circles making up the lettering. Above and below the circles are two copies of a photograph of Quicksilver Messenger Service. The one below the circle is upside-down. One of the most interesting effects ever achieved in a psychedelic poster attempting to simulate the visual effects of being stoned on LSD appears in the center of this poster where the shading of the Family Dog logo makes it appear as if one is looking through the surface of the poster onto...

Michael Wysochanski Sadly, I owned quite a few of the second printings of these, paid a whole dollar apiece at a local shop in Buffalo, NY, and a friends mother where I had stored them threw them out when I was out of town for a while. But that's not the point. Moscoso did this thing on a few of his pieces ( think Steve Miller's Moscoso album cover ) that if you took colored light bulbs that came close to the printed colors, set them with flashers in sequence, bird wings would appear to flap. It might have been part of the Matrix series announcing a shows with The Sparrow/Steppenwolf. I had a lot of fun with that.
Darryl Richarde You needed sunglasses on when u walked into a dorm room in 1970 and this was on the wall...SWEET
Allen Dean I have a first printing and I love it!....Moscoso is my favorite of the big 5......
Jeffrey Crane I got one of them, but it looks 50 years old, always wondered who the band was. Love the lettering.
Colin Hartridge Had this on my bedroom wall for almost 50 years. I still have it, although it's a later printing and not an original.
Gail Gem Morty Mortinson definately victor moscosa - the colourscape says it all!!
Peter Booth Lee So cryptic, a great one!
Jane Snyder Pecorella ZZZZZaaaaappppp! Whew!
Bob James AMAZING color!
Becky Beck On my wall in my first home!
Jon Hodgins My contact lenses just exploded.
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Professor PosterTuesday, March 21st, 2017 at 4:33pm

Hoping you're having a Great and "Good Day Sunshine" on this, the first complete day of SPRING!

Cheers from your ... Professor Poster

Dominic Mccormack That's how Abbey Road looked to George at the time.. hehe... 😉
Dp Bauer in the vid comments ppl remarked about "ages 8 to 80" and "everyone enjoying the music' my sentiments exactly! Thanks prof 🙂
Tom Prager Is the guy in the background covered in pollen?
Peter Black Here comes the sun do , do, do, do.......
Johnna Vickery Stewart *Cheers*
Gail Gem Morty Mortinson hysterical take on the famous beatles record sleeve!!!!!!!
Michael Hurley Now it all makes perfect sense
Gary Beazley Good day sunshine, Good day sunshine, Good day sunshine. I need to laugh, and when the sun is out I've got something I can laugh about, I feel good, in a special way. I'm in love and it's a sunny day. Good day sunshine, Good day sunshine, Good day sunshine. We take a walk, the sun is shining down, Burns my feet as they touch the ground. Beatles - Good Day Sunshine
Bill Huntley I needed this!!! Thx PP ✅
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Professor PosterTuesday, March 21st, 2017 at 3:52pm

I recently ran across this fairly rare handbill from the Family Dog's Store over seas, for the Dog's short-lived London venture in 1968. Not surprisingly, it didn't last all that long.
Surplus Avalon Ballroom posters and handbills etc. were sold there with the usual head shop ephemera. Posters sold at the store were stamped with the Family Dog name and London address on the back. I sure would like to run across anything from there for the archives here in "Posterville".
Anyone from across the pond remember the place?

... Professor Poster

Ross Hannan It was set up by Rupert Harvey and ran for at least a couple of years after a visit to England by Chet in very early 1967 (January and early February for a few weeks). Chet was planning on exporting the San Francisco ballroom scene and Bay Area bands and setting up a similar scene in London. His visit concluded that the "ballrooms" were sewn up by Brian Epstein (the Beatles manager who held the leases on the Saville Theatre) and that most of the London venues were smaller clubs, bars and cinemas cinemas with box stages that would not be suitable. Regionally there were sports halls, corn exchanges and student unions that would be more suitable but that was not the market he was looking for. Chet continued to supply posters to Rupert Harvey (who is now an LA based filmmaker) and I have quite a number of posters that were stamped from the store on the back. They took out adverts in the International Times and they had these postcards printed up on low grade recycled card stock - beige in colour with what look like flakes of wood in. I have a few of these still but they are likely in storage for an impending house move - but will drop one in to you Rusty when in the area. As an aside, the address store was located at 2 Blenheim Crescent in London - an address that vinyl record collectors remember well from when Plastic Passion and the Two Bills were there. Rupert Harvey had a psychedelically painted Bentley that had come from one of the Beatles (a popular English beat combo of the time) and is now in a NYC museum.
Ross Hannan They also commissioned headshop type posters from English artists.
Ross Hannan This is the corner section from the above poster.
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Professor PosterMonday, March 20th, 2017 at 10:13pm

The "Haight" Theater on the same named street was a renovated vaudeville movie theater in the middle of the Haight Ashbury during the Psychedelic 60's. This multimedia environmental theater of light became known as the Straight Theater. Here at the crossroads of Haight and Cole the Grateful Dead, Janis, Big Brother, Country Joe, Santana and many other famous and infamous characters made history looking for the Aquarian Age. Because of permit problems concerning dance/concerts and noise, many of the events there were advertised and promoted as "Dance Classes". With this "Poster From The Past", here is one that snuck by...

Mark Fisher Call Owsley The colors will follow
Carol Green Loved the nights we had pillow fights in the lobby.
Robert Salyers Still awesome in black & white!
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Professor Poster shared Slideshow "Metamorphosis"'s video.Monday, March 20th, 2017 at 5:57pm

The circle of life.... A train that we're ALL on.
RIP to a passenger that we'll ALL miss. :'(

..... Professor Poster

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Slideshow "Metamorphosis"
In Memoriam: Chuck Berry October 18, 1926 – March 18, 2017
Bill Huntley A Big Piece of Timber has fallen...what an incredible legacy... Thx for sharing PP!
Kathy Soga You ALWAYS go over the top Professor. Thx❣ ヅ
Jim Weatherill Smooth Dog.
Dan Plett 🎶Hail, Hail, Rock and Roll🎸 ✌🏽💚😎🌴
Nell Simone handsome all the way through!
Pete Za
Jack Peil He played a semi Acoustic Gibson. A bright cheerful sound or a swanky blues.
Don Jones He would always bust me at the Fillmore with his alma mater. " Those of you who will not sing, you must be playin with your own ding-a-ling".
Dan Solar Love the smile ! A well rooted Man... going over the rainbow down The History road of Rock'n Roll
Flori Helfenbein Kostoff This is an amazing tribute... thank you professor...😔💔🎸
Peter Booth Lee Truly one of the greats!
Allen Hughes sweet...RIP, Chuck...
Vivian Jones Beautiful smile
Marc Buehre Thanks Professor!
Lynn Smith Carnes Brown Eyed Handsome Man - RIP 😪😇🎸
Nancy Lass Waller GOD BLESS YOU <3 and thank you for all you did for ROCK & ROLL <3
Jill Royle Handsome man, kindly face.
Karla Doak Beautiful smile
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Professor PosterMonday, March 20th, 2017 at 5:14pm

Alright then…. This is the poster that ALL Janis Joplin fans just LOVE and if possible, have hanging on their wall!
The image appears as a 1940's jukebox looking upward from the floor level. Within the arced and colored light bars of the jukebox are three great color photographs of Janis Joplin by the late and legendary rock photographer Jim Marshall. The center photo, in my opinion, is what I believe to be the most attractive photo of Janis ever taken! All told, this "Poster From The Past" was created as a collaboration of three artists including the photographer....

Bob James GREAT poster! Love the lettering and the change from green to yellow over the juke box and the color photo! Thanks as always for sharing this Professor! She's a dandy!
Owen Rosenberg Andrew David Martin you were with me when I bought this poster off the wall at the now and zen shop.
Gordon Smith Went to this concert at Winterland. Aum was great and in Janis' set she was drunk drinking from a bottle but still did a good show. I still have the large poster.
Ken Castro-Oistad On my wall!!! 🙂
Virginia Strom-Martin I've got the handbill...mailed to me because I was on the mailing list. Love Janis!
Susan Schinsing Got it framed on the wall.
Warren Harkins I have the handbill version!
Robert Hickman Gordon was this after she left Big Brother
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Professor PosterMonday, March 20th, 2017 at 12:47am

Professor Poster sez........Go Johnnie Go......

Darryl Richarde An amazing performer ...didn't take shit from anyone ....insisted on being paid BEFORE he played his gig
Bob James Da King doin' da duck walk! Oh YEAH!
Robin Solis Duck walk Quackquack
Anton Korsak Nebýt Chucka, Angus by dne skákal jako klokan, 🙂
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Professor PosterSunday, March 19th, 2017 at 3:11pm

A very timely Tribute with the passing of Chuck Berry yesterday.

We have a collage based on the face of the Mona Lisa as the central image on this "Poster From The Past". In addition to Mona is a cloud, a human hand, a rotting apple, a human shadow and three geometric shapes. Once again the artist that created the poster, David Singer has used a font with no curved lines in the lettering rather than the the Art Deco style we see him use so often. He has also actually put the collage in a wooden...

Paula Watson This would be awesome on my wall......
Joey Serio R.I.P. Chuck Berry!
Patrick Figueroa thanks great show & memory
Karen Lethbridge-Cadinha I was there! xoxoK
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Professor PosterSunday, March 19th, 2017 at 12:54am

A hearty Shout Out and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to an old pal of the Prof's and one of the Original members of the "Amazing CHARLATANs", Mike Wilhelm. Truly one of the finest pickers around for over 50 years and a favorite "Guitar Slinger" of the late Jerry Garcia. Mike is still playing and recording music around the Bay Area and surrounding areas. Cheers to you Mike and Many more.....
All The BEST, & Keep the cards close to the vest!

.......Professor Poster

Igor Rodriguez Trevilla Flamin groovie too
Holger HolgersSon Wish I had kept my copy 🙁
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Professor PosterSaturday, March 18th, 2017 at 11:15pm

RIP to Chuck Berry....One of the "TRUE" Kings of Rock 'n Roll.

.....Professor Poster

Professor Poster Fillmore West....Sept.25th-28th, 1969 Artist: Greg Irons.
Wendy Abbott I guess 90 is a good long life. Thank him so much for all the music!🎶🎶🎶
Chip Lovitt June 1969
Loie Benites Heaven has another bright star.
Miroslav Miroslavov its just a rock'n'roll too... let IT rock!
Garold Haynes The Poet Laureate of Rock 'n' Roll...
Edie Gary True!!!!!!!
Kelly Thurman One of the better auto-bio's
William Manser If he was not the first true rocker he was at least among them and generally accepted to be the formative initiator of what became R&R. Technically he was probably Rockabilly which evolved into Rock and Roll though that version is still active as well. Maybelline was of course a ground breaking musical compsition and his live performance style was one of the best as well as one of the first to be visually impressive enough to make everyone who followed take notice and try to be better on stage. He will be missed as a person but never as an artist, RIP Chuck The big band just keeps getting better up there.....
Gary Beazley “Just let me hear some of that rock ‘n’ roll music any old way you use it." RIP Chuck Berry........Johnny B. Goode forever.
Jerry Castellano Only Bill Graham would have thought to book Led Zeppelin, Woody Herman and Delaney& Bonnie on the same bill.
Torry S. Marrs The ONLY KING of rock n roll, not some peckerwood from Tupelo!! 😉
Darryl Richarde He was coming out with a new album . A great performer .
Michael Kramer God bless...
Torry S. Marrs Any more Chuck materials Professor please??
Marcie Usselman 💔
Jay Simeoli YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS. . . . . . . . . .
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Professor PosterSaturday, March 18th, 2017 at 11:10pm

It was 30 years ago on this day back in 1987 that this "Poster From The Past" was done and circulated for what was to become a collaboratively-produced image for the Benefit concert poster. The collaboration was by, and the Benefit was for, Stanley Mouse, Alton Kelley, Victor Moscoso, Rick Griffin and Wes Wilson (often referred to as 'The Big Five' psychedelic poster artists) in their quest to regain control of the copyright to their own poster designs of the 60s. Their organization was known as 'A.R.T.' "Artists Rights Today" and this particular poster was for an event which included...

David Olson I have the autographed serigraph hanging near my front door. So beautiful!
Don Ware I have one too !!!
Bob James This is a real beauty! Doesn't get much more psychedelic than this! GREAT POSTER!
Gail Gem Morty Mortinson phenomenal colourscape my favourite Five. a classic amongst the classics.
Leigh Hooker Standingbear Gorgeous!
Mitsuru Iida I have 1986 version.